Domainline – web design

Website design needs common sense …

… so that visitors to your sites find them easy to use, with total clarity on what they need to do to find what they are looking for. What’s more, this should be no more than a few clicks away, all within a clearly constructed chain of clickable links.
As a result the layout of our sites are designed to be effective without being too busy, all links are clearly clickable, and the headings used will clearly identify what you expect to find on a particular page. If a website user has to think about where to click, or whether they are able to click a word or an image, then the design of the site is not as effective as it could be.

Do you read every word …

… as the likelihood is that you are scan reading this page for something interesting and relevant to your needs, leaving large parts of the page totally unread! You’ll probably then click on the first clickable link that you find, like this one that has testimonials from previous customers on! There is so much information on the internet nowadays we are often in a hurry to find what we need and so don’t have time to read anything irrelevant – hence the scanning approach. After all, we are quite good at scan reading as we have done it for years, and if a click takes us to the wrong page there’s always the ‘Back Button’!

Website pages needs careful planning …

… as the construction and layout needs to be broken up into clearly defined areas with the visitors’ attention drawn to the most important parts of the page. This can be achieved by using different font types and sizes, together with the placement of suitable images which may or may not be clickable. No place is this more important than on the home page of any website. More often than not this is the landing page for visitors, and within a fraction of a second they need to know what the site is about, what it can offer for them and why they should stay on the site rather than look at another one offering a similar service.

Our aim therefore is to provide our customers with clean, professional looking bespoke websites that meets their needs, and includes their own input to give the site the personal touch. If you are looking for someone to build a website for your business, your hobby or your band then Domainline is for you, as that is our speciality. The good news is that the price may surprise you as we include web hosting and email accounts all within the service we offer.

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